Vibration Analysis

Because machinery problems occur at specific frequencies, vibration analysis can pinpoint problems without guesswork. Vibration analysis gives you the information you need for accepting new equipment, identifying problems for repair, and after overhaul to assure machinery reliability.

BSC provides a complimentary seminar for your staff educating you on the technology of machinery vibration analysis.

BSC can provide detailed vibration criteria for specific machinery applications.

Single Machine Analysis - Why does this machine continue to fail?

BSC provides emergency service with machinery information on a problem machine. When we provide our in-place balancing service we will also provide a complete machinery analysis. Our machinery vibration analysis can lead to the specific problem rather than repairing several components of a machine before resolving the vibration problem.

Multiple Machine Vibration Surveys - Which of My Machines Will Fail Next?

We can survey one or all aspects of your critical machinery at any frequency interval. Our vibration survey will help predict machinery problems, and help you schedule repairs for machinery rather than performing time-consuming and costly repairs after a machine has a catastrophic failure. Our goal is to help you replace machinery wear parts at the end of their life. This will help reduce your maintenance budgets without reducing your much needed maintenance staff.

Elements of our surveys include:

  • Database Setup - We setup a database in our vibration analysis and reporting software. This data is stored permanently for review and future comparison.
  • Data Collection - BSC comes to your plant for machinery vibration data collection. Our technicians perform a thorough mechanical inspection of your machinery at that time.
  • Data Analysis - BSC performs analysis of the vibration data. We have a staff with over 100 years of cumulative vibration analysis experience.
  • Report - BSC provides you an easy to read report with a summary of the findings and specific repair recommendations.

New or rebuilt machinery commissioning through vibration analysis

We can provide precise findings and recommendations while your equipment is still under warranty. Machinery problems can be resolved by the machine manufacturer, sales agent, or installation contractor. BSC can give you specific balance, vibration, and alignment criteria for your new or rebuilt machinery. 

"We are now able to leave on Friday without being concerned about breakdown calls over the weekend. If we do have machinery calls over the weekend, we are aware of them and we are prepared with manpower and parts on standby."
- Refinery

"We were able to resolve a long-standing vibration problem in a pump room by determining the root cause of vibration."
- Chemical Plant

"We receive an easy to read report with specific repair recommendations, not a report with vibration levels and a listing of possible sources for the vibration. We are able to go right to the repairs, rather than tearing into a machine looking for several possible causes of the vibration."
- Shipping Line