Other Services

We have teamed with some of the best in the industry to offer many other services that support your success.

Oil Analysis

We routinely collect oil samples for analysis as part of a quality predictive maintenance program.

Modal Analysis

Identifies natural frequencies and the mode shape of the natural frequencies.  This allows for engineered changes to structures eliminating resonance and structure related reliability issues. 

Finite Element Analysis

Computer modeling based on material stiffness used for simulating natural frequency response and verifying structural changes.

Motor Current Analysis

This technology can be used on or offline to measure power quality, phase balance, resistance to ground, rotor and stator condition and insulation integrity and much more.

Infrared Thermography

Digital cameras with extreme sensitivity to infrared energy emitted from equipment are used to identify "Hot Spots", for example, high resistance circuits, failing couplings, steam leaks, faulty steam traps.

Pump and Base Analysis

Identification of pump sizing, flow and base problems can help you identify if the equipment you are using is optimum for your application.